Our Mission

We at Neo are on a mission to make distributed teams and remote work the new normal. Distributed teams provide massive benefits to societies and organizations:

1. Diverse teams which lead to innovative thinking
2. Freedom due to work-from-anywhere culture
3. Higher retention and job satisfaction
4. Choose your own schedules and work hours

Current Situation

However, while remote working has the above benefits, it also has the following drawbacks, which are amplified by distributed work:

🕒 Difference in timezones makes it hard to collaborate
💬 Lack of communication across the organization - "what's everyone working on?"
🙄 Too many meetings that should have just been updates
📅 Lack of routines and structure
🏢 Hard to maintain culture / office culture dominates
Neo way of doing things 🚀
At Neo we strongly believe that all the above problems can be solved with a systematic approach and routines

✅ Asynchronous communication and updates

Say bye to timezone problems with asynchronous check-ins and goal setting. Everyone on the team can check-in whenever they like, so timezones are not a problem anymore.

✅ Stay on track with check-ins and routines

Our regular check-ins and routines like weekly goal setting and reflections ensure your team stays on track

✅ Ensure teams are in sync

Neo ensures that all teams across your company are in sync with regular quick check-ins

✅ All your tools in one place

Combine work from all your tools and include them in your check-ins