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Routines for better teamwork

Neo helps remote teams have effective routines like:

📝 daily check-ins
🏆 goal setting
🤔 weekly reflections
🙏 expression of gratitude and
👏 kudos

These routines help your team bond and appreciate teammates for their hard work throughout the week.

Routines for team building

Empathy is a very big aspect of every feature in our product and we are a remote-first team building for other remote-first teams.

Thus, we're always innovating when it comes to team building functionality, please contact us for feedback at

We're looking forward to hear how we can serve you better

Routines keep remote team culture on track

As a remote team, it is very easy to get off track and feel lost. Routines ensure that the team knows what's going on and what everyone is working on during the week.

Moreover, it is very important to take steps to create a positive fun culture and work environment as a remote team and routines can help tremendously with this.

We're looking forward to hear how we can serve you better.

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