Check-ins for team building

Check-ins help your remote team specify what they're working on and connect with teammates. Our check-ins include team-building questions, mood checks and a lot of fun.

We strongly believe our check-ins would help your remote team come closer 😃

Understand your team's mood

Check-ins help you know what your team is feeling and where they need help.

With just 30 secs everyday, your team can quickly indicate how their day is looking and what they're feeling

Frequently asked questions about check-ins

What are check-ins?

How are check-ins different from standups?

Who are check-ins for?

How often should I have check-ins?

Can I have check-ins on Slack?

Will I be able to flag check-in items?

Will I be able to tag check-ins to goals?

Should I have check-ins daily?

Should I have check-ins weekly?